A new start

8 11 2010


I’m Rhisling, a Portuguese playing poker in Holland.

I started playing a couple of years ago, always for fun with friends. I tried to play online using PokerStrategy’s $50 starting capital, with moderate success. I managed to raise my bankroll playing NL2 and NL5 up to $90, but then the poker gods got angry and I dropped to $30, always using proper bankroll management. In this moment I tilted, opened an NL25 table, waited for a good hand, all in! As I didn’t make peace with the poker gods, a bad beat ended my career 🙂

I left the poker tables for a while, until I received an email from PokerStrategy saying I was entitled to an extra $50 at Party Poker. Ok, let’s try it again, I thought. This time I started playing MTT’s. I did a second place in a turbo 1.5k guaranteed, with over 500 players, earning me $134.

I was fed up of PartyPoker by this time, there wasn’t enough traffic neither an interesting quantity of MTT’s to play. I withdrew my money and opened an account at PokerStars…

In this moment I have around 3000 hands at Poker Stars, between NL2 and NL5. I started playing NL2 to get used to multitable in a new software, then moved to NL5.

Situation: breakeven. Up and down all the way, but I feel I’m playing better than I ever did. Stealing a lot of blinds, putting pressure, making good reads and even folding some big hands… The problem are the buy ins lost with flushes or, like the last one, a full house beaten by a 4 of a kind. Hard climbing up slowly to have a fast drop by this kind of play.

I’m going to use this blog to share my path, ask some advice, whatever comes along. Wish me luck!






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